In line with our work to tackle climate issues we are delighted that we successfully applied for grants from the Forest for Cornwall and the Close the Gap Hedgerow fund.  This has enabled us to purchase over 1400 trees to plant in Calstock, St Ann’s Chapel and Albaston.

We are going to plant during National Tree Week which runs from Saturday 27 November 2021 until Saturday 04 December 2021.

A number of volunteers from all over the parish have already indicated that they would like to be involved in helping to plant and look after the ‘Forest for Calstock Parish’.

If you think you can help us with any aspect of this project please let us know.  We are looking for people who can:

  • Supervise the planting – ensuring the trees are being looked after and the correct plants are being handed out
  • Marking out – detailed planting schemes have been prepared and will be available but this will help the plants get planted quickly
  • Preparing the ground –- digging, clearing vegetation: for those happy wielding forks, spades mattocks etc.
  • Planting – patience and care is required for this vital role to ensure the plants get the very best start
  • Staking – a bit of force required using lump hammers, mallets etc.

Our timetable is:

Calstock Playing Field – Saturday 27 November, Sunday 28 November, Monday 29 November 2021

Albaston Millennium Green – Tuesday 30 November, Wednesday 01 December 2021

St Ann’s Chapel Playing Field – Thursday 02 December, Friday 03 December and Saturday 04 December 2021.


It’s not too late to get involved.  If you can help please contact us and let us know. To help with logistics it would be helpful if you could fill in the 20211028 briefing for volunteers and checklist and return it to us with your name and contact details.  Many thanks (please double click on the thumbnail).

01822 748847