Neighbourhood Development Plan

Calstock Parish Council has an adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan. This plan covers the same area as the parish boundary.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan was adopted on 20-01-2022 after resounding support in its Referendum.

Neighbourhood Development Plans were drawn up under the Localism Act 2011.  They can control how land is used for housing, businesses, shops and leisure. They can also protect green spaces and influence the design of buildings and estates, tackle environmental issues and support the things that make our Parish such a great place to live, work in and visit.  Neighbourhood Development Plans carry  weight and can’t be ignored when planning applications are decided by Cornwall Council, Planning Inspectors, or the Government.

Inset maps showing the Settlement Development Boundaries around the villages can also be viewed:



Drakewalls and Albaston

St Ann’s Chapel

Harrowbarrow and Rising Sun

Metherell and Norris Green





Adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan