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Introduction to Policy

Calstock Parish Council wishes to support activities and causes which benefit the Parish of Calstock or the residents of the Parish. A grant is any payment or gift made by the Parish Council to an organisation for a specific purpose. There is an annual amount of £5000 set in each financial year for the provision of grant requests. Once this has been used then it will be at the Council’s discretion if any further grants are to be awarded.


The Parish Council awards grants, at its absolute discretion, to organisations which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to achieve an objective which will benefit the Parish by:

  • Providing a service,
  • Enhancing the quality of life,
  • Improving the environment and promoting the Parish of Calstock in a positive way.


The following criteria must be met for a group to be considered for a grant:

  • The group must be a local charity, voluntary or community organisation.
  • The group must be able to demonstrate that any funding from the Parish Council will directly benefit residents of Calstock Parish
  • The group must be formally constituted with a set of accounts and have a management committee (or similar) made up of volunteers.

Individuals, businesses, religious groups or political parties are not normally eligible for grant funding. This list is not exclusive and may be added to at the council’s discretion.


It is unlikely that more than one application for a grant from one organisation will be considered in any one financial year.

Ongoing commitments to award grants in future years will not be made. A fresh application will be required each year. This grant will be at the discretion of the council.

The Parish Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the purpose specified on the application form. The Clerk of the Parish Council will require verification that the monies have been spent accordingly with evidence of receipts required.

Each grant will have a set time scale in which the monies will need to be spent.

Application Procedure

Organisations requesting financial assistance for amounts more than £50 are required to:

  • Complete an application form enclosing evidence of bank accounts and statements (for both current and savings accounts) for the group making the application. On larger applications the council may require further information and approved accounts.
  • A copy of your organisation’s agreed written constitution or Memorandum of Association and a website address where it can be viewed.
  • Applications are accepted quarterly by the Finance Committee – each request must be in by the end of March for an April decision, end of June for a July decision, end of September for an October decision and end of December for a January decision. The Finance Committee may need to refer to the Full Council for authorisation.
  • Each application will be assessed on its own merits however to ensure as fair a distribution as possible of available funds, the Parish Council will consider the amount and frequency of any previous awards and the geographical spread within the Parish.
  • The Parish Council may make the award of any grant or subsidy subject to such additional conditions and requirements as it considers appropriate.
  • The Parish Council reserve the right to refuse any grant application which it considers to be inappropriate, or against the objectives of the Council.
  • A grant award must only be used for the purpose stated on the application – if the organisation is unable to use the money – or part of it – for the purpose stated they should return the money or make a request in writing to keep the remainder for another, specific, purpose.
  • The Parish Council will request proof of expenditure.
  • Where equipment is gifted to an organisation, the Parish Council requires that it be insured and maintained at the expense of the user (unless a different arrangement has been recommended and approved by the Recreations/Amenities Committee and/or Full Council).

For requests of £50 or under a letter detailing the organisation and objective(s) of the grant will be required.


The Parish Council will ask for recognition from successful groups in the form of the promotion of the Parish Council in the organisation’s newsletter, press release or on relevant social media pages. The Parish Council will also recognise successful groups in its own reports or media releases.

Nothing contained herein shall prevent the Parish Council from exercising, at any time, its existing duty or power in respect of providing financial assistance or grants to local or national organisations under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972, section 137.

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