Many of you are aware that we have decided to remove plastic from our cemeteries.

The Diocese of Truro have a regulation against plastic and many churchyards only have natural flowers and shrubs.

We have been publicising our decision to remove plastic since January and we have written to as many people as possible.

Our staff have been shouted at and encountered aggression over this decision but it is something that as a council we feel strongly about.  Many members of the public have asked us to do something to help with environmental issues and plastic is of great concern to people both locally, nationally and globally.  The plastic items break up and litter our cemeteries and surrounding area, which creates problems for wildlife and spoils our beautiful landscape.

We have the backing of many local people, our local vicar supports our initiative as does the AONB.

We will be removing items from Albaston on Thursday 26 August 2021 so please remove any items with plastic before then and enjoy them at home.

We look forward to seeing a cemetery full of fresh flowers and small plants and bulbs- all of which will be good for bees and other insects and look beautiful every season.

Thank you

Jim Wakem, Chairman.