A defibrillator for St. Ann’s Chapel

Before the pandemic struck, the local St. Ann’s Chapel Community Group had raised a significant sum of money towards buying a defibrillator for First Responders and other trained local people to use in the event of an emergency which required the use of one.

Well… the required amount has now been raised and one should be delivered in the next few days.

To fund the top quality unit and cabinet the group identified our local Cornwall Councillor, Dorothy Kirk, has kindly donated £500 from her annual Cornwall Councillors’ Community Chest allowance. The same amount has also been gratefully given by Calstock Parish Council. The Council has also stated that it will pay for replacement pads when needed.

Kind thanks must also go to other local bodies such as Jan Rackstraw and the Albaston Fete Committee, and Callington Lions for their kind contributions.

To anyone else who has contributed to this potentially life saving venture may we say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

As for its location: Paul & Emma at the Rifle Volunteer are happy to have it on the outside wall of the pub.

This is doubly useful as, not only will it be located in a central place in the village, but both Paul and Emma are also defib trained.

John Wells

Parish Councillor – Delaware Ward (St. Ann’s Chapel, Drakewalls & Albaston)

email: john.wells@calstockparishcouncil.gov.uk