Community Engagement Worker

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly


If you, or indeed any members of the public, have a non-urgent matter that you / they wish to bring to the attention of your / their Local Policing Team, then the easiest way of contacting them is as follows :

Go to this Devon and Cornwall Police web-page here – that page go to the Find your Local Policing Team box.

Fill in either the relevant location or post-code, or use the drop down menu to select the appropriate Neighbourhood.

Click the Search button.

Details of the Local Policing Team will then be displayed, along with a box allowing anyone to send a message to that team.

Note – I find that I get a quicker response using this process for sending non-urgent messages into Local Policing Teams,  than I often get sending a message in to one or two individual police officers. Individuals may be on annual leave , carrying out other duties or transferred to another role. However there is almost always someone on the team able to pick up these messages, generally within 24h. There is also a record held of all of these messages should they ever be required in the future.