The piling contractor (Bullivants) will be looking to take delivery of materials on Friday 3rd September (Tomorrow) at 8 AM via the car park in Calstock. Could local residents park sympathetically especially aound the Social club and Village Hall area please? Bullivants will then be looking to commence work on Monday the 6th. Work on the piles and piling caps work is anticiapted to take 2 weeks.
We are currently anticipating that the river path will need to be closed for an 8 week period, begining at the end of the first week in October. This is to allow the bridge to be installed and the breach created. If we can safely open the path at weekends and shorten the period the route is closed we will endeavour to do so, but site and public safety are our highest priorities and this may not ultimately be possible.
Please keep and eye out for updates and changes as the project continues, as we seek to keep you informed.