As part of the management of the Covid19 pandemic, the government has published regulations to permit remote council meetings.  Councillors, the public and press no longer have to be present in a single physical space in order to meet and conduct council business.  The regulations remain in place until May 7th, 2021.

The Coronavirus restrictions mean that there are no physical meetings at present. As restrictions are lifted it is possible that the council may wish to return to physical meetings.  However, these regulations require the council to offer remote access to meetings until May 7th, 2021 or earlier if the government repeals the legislation.

Members of the public can join the meeting via a link that will be emailed to you on request or by telephoning a number and entering a code (again, emailed on request).  We ask that should you wish to actively take part in the meeting – or have a question for the Council – you submit this in writing (email is acceptable) to us before 1700 on Tuesday 12 May 2020.

You can view the agenda here and if you wish to take part in the meeting please contact us on 01822 748847 or email us on