Can you help us in Albaston Cemetery?

 Saturday 08 October 2022 from 1000-14000

There are many graves in the old part of Albaston Cemetery that are falling into disrepair.  Many family members are no longer able to tend to the graves and maintain them to a safe standard and the Parish Council must ensure the work is carried out.  Our paid staff and Tavistock Taskforce have been clearing the area to enable us to carry out this vital work.  However, there is still a bit of work left to do in the form of cutting back brambles, ivy and other vegetation from on and between the graves. This all takes time and costs money.  A big effort from councillors and other volunteers will help us enormously

If you have some time to spare we would love to see you. 

To find out more and to register your interest please phone Clare Bullimore on 01822 748847 or email me on