Footpath due to reopen end of February 2022

A key milestone of the Calstock Flood Defence Improvements project was reached in November 2021 when the existing old Tamar River embankment was breached.

The new scheme has reduced the risk of flooding to the local community, contributed to river quality improvements in the Tamar Estuary and provided 11 hectares of new inter-tidal habitat which will continue to develop into the future.

Although a great deal has been accomplished so far, following the breach the site has remained closed to the public. As the site owner, the Environment Agency have a duty to ensure it is safe for public use before permitting access. The following activities are required to make the site safe:

  • Reinstatement of fencing at critical locations along the footpath and leading up to the new bridge
  • Installation of new signage to inform pedestrians and river navigators of the new hazards such as deep water and fast moving currents
  • Additional work on the bridge to extend the parapet railings and to reduce the rail spacing

The Environment Agency understand the importance of the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail to the local community and the wider public and, working with our partners, we endeavour to reopen the footpath as soon as possible.

We appreciate the support from the community in the delivery of this project and thank you for your understanding as we work to provide a site that is safe, accessible and enjoyable for all.