Tracy Ledger has brought to our attention that areas of Harrowbarrow – including School Road and the School itself – haven’t got Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband and there are no plans to have it installed within the next year.

Openreach state: “building our new Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to the whole of the U.K. is a massive engineering project that takes years to complete, but rest assured we’re working as fast as we can. Currently we’re passing a home or business every 14 seconds”.

There is a link on their website that people can visit which will register your interest in getting fibre broadband quicker.

The more people in a community or area that register their interest on the website the more likely it is we’ll come to your area – help spread the word and get more people to register at

There is also lots of information on Openreach’s website about how they are building Ultrafast Full Fibre at and