There will be an public meeting about the plans for the floodbank in Calstock on Saturday 07 September 2019, 2.30pm at Calstock Village Hall.

Following the granting of the planning application by the Environment Agency to realign the flood defence scheme, the public are invited to come along with their queries and questions to put to a panel of people who should be able to answer and explain what will be happening over the next couple of years and beyond.

Attendees are invited to be seated by 2:30pm
The meeting will conclude by 4:30pm
This event is hosted by the Tamar Community Trust (TCT), and the panel will consist of representatives from the TCT, the Parish Council, and the Environment Agency.

The Tamar Community Trust (TCT) is made up of Trustees to work alongside the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), to undertake work that helps protect, conserve and promote the natural landscape and heritage of the Tamar Valley. The Tamar Community Trust has warmly welcomed the decision by Calstock Parish Council to work with the Trust and other partners to retain the popular riverside walk at Calstock following flood defence work.
TCT will construct the new boardwalk that will cross the proposed breach in the redundant embankment, then maintain the whole riverside path for continued public access. TCT is a good vehicle for this project as it already manages popular public access routes at Tamar Trails (Gulworthy) and Wacker Quay on the River Lynher. TCT will welcome the involvement of local residents in this exciting project in order to involve the community.

Public meeting poster