Due to the restrictions placed on the council as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of members of Calstock Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the council.

As per the seven comments I have received back this is the response I am proposing for the following application:

PA20/03772        GUNNISLAKE

Location:              Chi An Brager Kingswood Road Gunnislake Cornwall PL18 9DF

Proposal:             Non-Material Amendment for the relocation of the garage within the site.       Application no. PA17/11215 dated 29/01/18 refers.

Applicant:            Mr Colin Cocking

Comment: Whilst this Council feel that the definition of NMA by the applicant is “pushing the envelope” we would support the case officer in whatever his view on this is. However, we would support the repositioning of this garage irrespective of the status of the application.

6 Support 1 abstention