As the Parish Council cannot meet due to Government restrictions the following has been agreed by the members of the Council as of 28th September 2020.

The Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure council business continuity during the period of the pandemic Coronavirus, informed by consultation with the members of the council. This is in accordance with Local Government Act 1972 s101.         

  • Prepare for Finance and Planning meetings
  • Signposting
  • Burial enquiries
  • Footpath checks from Calstock footpath society
  • Maintenance Man general duties – litter picking, recreational field checks, dog bins checks and reports, mowing, strimming, clearing overgrown vegetation
  • Amenities agenda
  • Update Planning portal
  • Email Planning Enforcement re Wain Homes
  • Complaint Rabbit control in cemetery                              

We are available on or call

01822 748847 please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.