Yesterday children from Delaware and Gunnislake Primary Academy started our Green Graves project.

We are offering alternative tributes on graves without the use of plastics and synthetic materials. We are all much more aware of the problem which plastic in the environment poses. Many items of plastic break down into micro particles which litter the environment and find their way into water courses and the food chain taking a terrible toll on wildlife and the landscape around us.

It is only natural to want to commemorate the resting places of our loved ones and we are keen to enable people to do this.  We would like to see perennial plants and seasonal bulbs., these are more sustainable than fresh flowers and will last a number of years.  They  are low maintenance and are a lifeline for bees and butterflies.

We recognise not everyone can regularly visit the cemeteries either due to distance or poor mobility.  We aim to work with our local schools and for the children (with supervision) to plant flowers and small shrubs.  They will then check on the plants and keep the graves tidy: weeding, watering  and dead-heading as required.

We can provide a package of plants  and some have significant meanings which may be particularly pertinent to you and your loved ones.

Please let us know if you would like to take part in this school  project to help develop children’s practical skills  while raising awareness of  bereavement, history, social issues, horticulture and the environment. The children will be interested to find out about your family and share pictures of the flowers as they bloom.

To find out more, please contact :

Clare Bullimore, Deputy Clerk, Calstock Parish Council,

01822 748847

Thanks to Sally, Georgia, Allana, Jake, Bettsie, Harry and Mrs Cox from Delaware and Gunnislake Primary Academy and to local horticulturist, Claire Roper, for their help yesterday.

Flowers and their significance:

Daffodil – regard
Crocus – youthful gladness
Cyclamen – devotion, love of our ancestors
Forget-me-not – Forget me not
Hyacinth – constancy of love
Iris – a message
Lavender – devotion, virtue
Lily-of-the-valley – sweetness
Rosemary – remembrance
Sage – wisdom, immortality
Thyme – courage and strength