To help identify if your home is losing heat, Gunnislake Community Matters (GCM) has an easy to use Thermal Imaging Camera that is available to all residents of Calstock Parish villages to borrow. The camera has been bought by GCM with a Cornwall Council Community Chest Grant, made available to us by Cllr Dorothy Kirk.

The camera captures heat images using colours to show hot, warm and cold spots. Residents can use the camera in their homes to look for cold spots, and having found them, research if there is anything that can be done to reduce those spots, by, for example, increasing insulation or stopping draughts.
Hopefully reducing the cold spots will result in lower heating bills for people and will lead to some environmental benefits. The Camera User Guide has links to sites that give hints / guidance for reducing heat loss.
To book a date to hire the camera, and for more details, email:

A copy of the “hire” agreement will be sent to you. Hiring the camera is free.
More information is also available on the Facebook page:

GCM Thermal Imaging Camera

The link should take you there. You will need to request membership of the Group to access the page. A link to the page is below.