We have been busy planting trees in Calstock over the weekend and were delighted to see so many volunteers turn up and help out.  Today some school children have also been part of the Forest For Calstock Parish environmental initiative.

Tomorrow we move onto Millennium Green, Albaston and we will be at St Ann’s Chapel playing field on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Some scrub and bramble clearance has taken place to aid the planting in both sites.  Whilst scrub and bramble do provide a very valuable habitat for wildlife they have a limited niche. We will be planting a diversity of species and structure and ultimately the hedge will provide a multi layered habitat with wider food, shelter and aesthetic benefit. The bramble will return in vigour and can be encouraged to form understory habitat. Topsoil has not been bladed off so the valuable humus layer – vital for carbon storage and invertebrate habitat – remains in tact.

We will be at Albaston Millennium Green from 1000-1500 Tuesday and Wednesday and St Ann’s Chapel playing field from Thursday- Saturday 1000-1500.  Do join us and get stuck in if you are available.  You’ll be providing valuable trees to mitigate climate change. If you have any spades, forks, goggles, shears etc. do bring them along too.