Volunteers have been out for the past three days planting a few hundred saplings on under-loved bits of parish land near the football pitch in Calstock. Every day it’s been a slightly different assortment of self-selecting spade-wielders getting the “Forest for Calstock Parish” to take root. The youngest were two classes from Calstock School. The whole thing so far has been co-ordinated by Jane Weatherby (respect!). Today and Wednesday the push moves on to the Millennium Green at Albaston so Roger Harris & co… good luck. Thursday-Saturday it’s all go beside the playing field at St Ann’s. If you want to spend an hour or two helping out, just turn up, morning or afternoon. Someone will show you what to do! The idea was made possible by an unusually successful crowd-funding campaign, which then unlocked some grants. Altogether it’s well over a thousand trees, simply to give Mother Nature a helping hand locally.