We are excited to be putting finishing touches to plans for the parish’s big tree planting project.

Do you fancy helping? The Forest for Calstock project is about to break ground.

It’s National Tree Week from Saturday 27th November, and in the coming days over 1300 trees and shrubs need to be planted by volunteers on three sites locally. These are marginal chunks of land in Calstock, Albaston and St Anne’s Chapel, all on the edges of the Parish Council’s recreation fields .

This is grass-roots action that helps to mitigate climate change and to improve wildlife habitats.

A big chunk of the funding has come from an impressive crowdfunding effort that smashed its targets. It’s now time for sleeves to be rolled up and spades wielded! We’ll be going about it at various times through the week ahead, so if you can spare an hour or two – please come along or – to find out more contact Clare Bullimore, Deputy Clerk on clerk@calstockparishcouncil.gov.uk 01822 74847

Our volunteer Comms Co-ordinator, Neil Gallacher, will keep you updated on progress