Our Full Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 12 April 2023, 1900 in the Tamar Valley Centre.

This is a change to our usual day because of legislation in the Local Government Act, 1972 s270, which states that Councils cannot meet on any of the days identified as days of the Easter Break which include Maundy Thursday and ‘Easter Tuesday’.

This also affects the day our agenda can be published.  We have to give three clear days’ notice (LGA, 1972 section 243(1) ) and these days should not be weekends or any days of the Easter Break. To this end, our agenda will be published today, 31-03-2023. To view the agenda please click: 20230412 Full Council Agenda Public Notice


We will, however, be operating as normal on Thursday 06 April 2023 and Tuesday 11 April 2023.