We have refreshed Cornwall’s Transport Plan and want to know what people think about it. We welcome responses from Town and Parish councils and would also appreciate you spreading the word about this consultation.

Since the Plan was first published in 2011 some big changes have happened to our society. Most notably, the Covid-19 pandemic and a recognition that we face a Climate Change crisis.  These and other factors will affect how people travel and goods are moved.  We have updated the Transport Plan taking into account these changes, so that transport is well planned for the next decade.

We want to know whether the plan is ambitious enough to deliver our vision of:

Transport in Cornwall will strive to be excellent and carbon neutral. Our transport system will connect people, communities, businesses and services in a way that enhances quality of life, is reliable, efficient, safe, healthy and inclusive. People will choose to travel in ways that will have a low impact upon the environment and other people.

To see the draft plan and give us your views please visit Let’s Talk Transport | Let’s Talk Cornwall

The survey will be open until 24 December 2021.