Before these A390 Road & Pedestrian Safety Improvements in St. Ann’s Chapel & Drakewalls

We need your support!

After many years of effort we have been granted a sum of £200,000 to spend on approved road and pedestrian safety measures along the A390 through the two villages.

However, before these improvements can be implemented there is a public consultation process now being carried out.

If you have internet access can you please spend a few minutes online to give your support to each of the proposals.

Please go to: (the ref is EDG 1995)

or email:

Without your support the improvements we have been fighting years for won’t happen!

If you don’t have internet access please contact me on 07973 358240, and I will arrange to get the information to you.

Responses have to be in with Cornwall Highways by 26th November 2021


Cllr John Wells

On behalf of Calstock Parish Council’s A390 sub-committee.