We have been notified by a member of the Plymouth Wakeboard and Water Ski Club of a Gutweed (Ulva intestinalis) bloom in the designated high speed area along the Plym. They reported that it has been causing navigational issues, blocking their propellers.

We’ve consulted with specialists at the Marine Biological Association, who have provided us with the following guidance:

The recent spell of settled, sunny weather has allowed the growth and the build-up. Apparently this density was last seen about 10 years ago and it’s a normal reflection of the season and weather conditions.

The spring tide a couple of days ago removed some of the bloom and patches were seen floating in the Sound. Over time the bloom will be broken up and removed naturally by tides and wave action -that will be helped by a bit of rough weather. As it gets cloudier and colder, growth will slow and then cease.

As such, we expect that nature will take its course and the bloom will clear itself. However, please do be aware of the issue if you, or your club/organisation members, are using the area, and feel free to circulate this information as you see fit.