We have been overwhelmed with offers of support. If you’ve been called upon: thank you.  If you haven’t been asked to do anything please do not be offended or wondering if you’ve been forgotten.  We are so lucky to have had more offers of support than people in need (at the moment).
Having your names on our database is a great comfort and makes our job much easier.  It is likely that more people will come forward needing help and I’m sure we will have some restrictions on us for a while yet. To know that we have an army of people to call upon as and when required is brilliant and means we sleep easier as we are confident we can respond to our vulnerable people’s needs.
Thank you again.  Please keep putting your names forward and keeping an eye out for anyone that you think could do with a hand.
Best wishes
Sue Lemon and  Clare Bullimore
Clerk and Deputy Clerk to the Parish Council