Please continue to leave us a message on 01822 748847 or

We will be checking messages regularly throughout the day from Friday 10 April – Monday 13 April 2020 inclusive.

We will respond – as soon as we are able – to a member of the community who needs some urgent goods collecting for them (but please bear in mind shops will be open for reduced hours and may not be open at all on Sunday).

The volunteering scheme that Calstock Parish Council has set up does not include personal care or cleaning and we have asked our volunteers not to enter people’s houses.  Should you require help with these you should contact Volunteer Cornwall on 01872 266988.   You can also call 01736 759500 for advice for disabled people, carers & families.  Further information can be found on Cornwall Council’s Covid-19 Information Page on their website

If you have a medial emergency please phone 111.

We wish you all a peaceful Easter Weekend and hope that you are able to enjoy the weather without putting yourselves – or other people – at risk.  Please continue to follow the social distancing guidelines.