Since a climate emergency was declared by the Parish Council in May we have set up an environment and climate emergency working party. We are now seeking members of the community to join us to take things forward.

Councillor Alex Polglase, chair of the working party, said, “We are brimming with ideas.   We are thinking of a conference in the Parish to get community views, ideas and interest. We will be looking at how the Parish Council itself can be more eco-friendly in its use of resources. We could encourage more community gardens of the kind that are already happening in Calstock and in Gunnislake. Perhaps, we could get a community energy project off the ground.”

We are asking individuals or organisations in the Parish to make contact if they would like to be represented on the working party. “We can’t do this on our own,” said Alex. “We need to harness the energy of the community.”

Please let the Clerk’s office know if you are interested in joining this group:  or telephone 01822 748847