There are two disabled parking spaces by the toilets in Calstock main car park. The standard requirement for disabled car parking spaces is a width of 2.4m plus a  1.2m access zone – 3.6m in total – with a depth of 4.8m. The existing spaces are not wide enough and do not meet this requirement.

The parking bay in front of the Mediterranean Garden on the left hand side as you come into the car park is 11.9m wide and has ordinary spaces for 5 vehicles.

The Parish Council is proposing to create two disabled parking bays on the righthand end of the Mediterranean Garden bay. This would take up 2 x 3.6m = 7.2m leaving 4.7m on the lefthand end sufficient for two normal parking spaces. The two existing disabled spaces would cease to be disabled spaces and become normal parking spaces.

There would be a net loss of one parking space in the car park as a whole with a gain in proper space provision for the disabled spaces.

The Parish Council welcomes views on this proposal.

Please email with your views by Friday 23 June 2023.

Disabled bays

Existing disabled bays, Calstock Car Park


Car parking, Calstock

Mediterranean Garden parking bay, Calstock Car Park