Due to the restrictions placed on the council as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of members of Calstock Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the council.

As per the nine comments I have received back these are the responses I am proposing for the following applications

Application        PA20/04151       DELAWARE

ProposaL             Construction of a single storey dining room extension to the rear of the property

Location               The Old Orchard Sand Hill Drakewalls PL18 9DR

Applicant             Mr and Mrs Hill

The Parish Council are happy to support this application

Application        PA20/03159       CALSTOCK

Proposal              Erection of detached three-bedroom bungalow with integral garage.

Location               The Poppies Sand Lane Calstock PL18 9QX

Applicant             Mrs V Boulter

The Parish Council wish to object to this application on the following grounds:

Calstock Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan [NDP] was
submitted to Cornwall Council on 5 June 2020.  It therefore has
significant weight as a material planning consideration. Policy HP1 of
the NDP [p 54] – Settlement Development Boundaries  sets development
boundaries beyond which any development is defined as the ‘open
countryside’ where development will be strictly controlled by CLP Policy
7 and will be limited to dwellings to meet essential needs of rural
workers, replacement dwellings, house extensions, rural exception
housing sites under CLP Policy 9. This proposal is outside the
settlement development boundary for Calstock [see NDP Map 10, p 100]
and does fit the exceptions to Policy 7.  It is therefore not supported
by the Plan, and the Parish Council object to it.