Dear Calstock Parish Council,
I understand that some of your parishioners may have contacted you regarding the works to protect Calstock from flooding.
I have written to the individuals who have raised concerns directly with us but thought that I would also write to you also in case you got any further enquiries of this nature.
With respect to dust as we have experienced a prolonged dry period, there has been significant demand in the industry for water bowsers which has impacted on their availability for Calstock. However, bowsers are now on site and together with the recent rain should hopefully address dust issues.
With respect to noise we do understand that this is a challenging time at the moment with many people unable to leave their homes and no longer leaving home for work meaning that the noise from the site has a greater impact than it otherwise would have done. Unfortunately noise barriers are not effective or practicable when working over such a large area.
Our working normal working hours as detailed in the planning submission is ‘predominantly from 08:00 to 18:30 on weekdays, and 09:00 to 13:30 on Saturday’. This application was made in a ‘pre-Covid 19 world’ and as a result of complications around overnight stays and shift working patterns it may be necessary to work some Sundays mornings and outside these hours. Following recent feedback we are not planning to work at all on the weekend of 6th & 7th June or 13th and 14th June. We will also not be working when it is wet. Please be assured therefore that there will be breaks in the work.
We do need, however, to make sure that work is able to progress efficiently in periods of dry weather to ensure that the overall duration of the works themselves is shortened, providing the new defences sooner and reducing overall noise dust and disruption. We do understand that we are asking a lot of the community in a time which is already by its nature challenging but I believe that you will already see that fruit of your continued patience as the new community flood defences rise from the ground.
Kind regards
Dan Boswell
Project Manager
Programme & Contract Management (PCM)
part of Operations Assets & Programme Management
Manley House \ Kestrel Way \ Exeter \ EX2 7LQ