The Parish Council has agreed to the use of the main Calstock Car Park for the Red Planet vehicles on Tuesday 5 September from 8am to 10pm for their film shoot at the Lime Kiln Gallery. They know that they must not use or impede access to the disabled parking spaces. They will have 1 security at the back corner of the car park from 4pm on Monday with traffic cones to create an area for their vehicles to park.

They will keep all their vehicles stationed in the main car park and they won’t be blocking traffic. There’s a scene where one of their characters parks her car opposite the gallery and walks into the gallery. They may ask traffic to hold for 30 seconds in order to achieve this shot.  To reduce the chance of traffic when they bring filming equipment to the gallery itself they will be cross loading onto 4×4’s and trailers then quickly unloading at the gallery and returning to their parking area.

We hope this will go smoothly and we thank you for your cooperation.
If you have any issues please contact their Location Manager, Henry Simmons, on 07816 322362 or email