At the Amenities Committee on Tuesday evening the Parish Council agreed to tidy up the car park, cutting back overhanging vegetation and looking at trailers and vehicles that have not moved for some time.  Such items get reported to Cornwall Council who will endeavour to make contact with the owners but will eventually remove the items under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environmental Act 2005; Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 and/or the Environment Protection Act 1990, section 33.  If you have a vehicle that for whatever reason is not being driven please park it considerately and let us know.  If it is SORN Cornwall Council will remove it and you will be charged the price of removal and disposal.

We continue to investigate the cause of the flooding in the car park and have recently commissioned a survey of the storm drains.  It is not cost effective to spend money on resurfacing the car park until we understand the underlying cause of the flooding but we will monitor the dips in the car park and backfill them as necessary.

The toilets remain open during the day and we are hoping to keep them open over the Christmas period subject to financial viability and public health compliance.