The consultation with residents of St Ann’s Chapel has been ongoing. When the funding for road improvements  was first announced, a few years ago, it was allocated to Community Networks – the Caradon Community Network, in our case, and individual parishes bid for funding for projects in their area.

A plan for St Ann’s was put forward and approved at a meeting packed with residents of St Ann’s Chapel. It was costed and the funding approved by the other parishes comprising the Community Network.

A couple of years of working on the details with officers of Cornwall Council followed, with the support and contribution of Parish Councillors for the Delaware Ward and members of their Community Group. Inevitably, in that time, a new population occupied the houses being built on the new estates, and they may well be unaware of all the work that went into the plans, but I can assure you it was considerable, as I was involved at every stage.

Community support for any project is vital, hence the initiative taken by St Ann’s parish councillors to consult residents, seeking their support in order to guarantee the funding. The question really was one of accepting or rejecting. Rejection would mean back to the drawing board, but with no guarantee of funding. This would be the worst possible outcome, the more so since the problems of safety along the A390 through Ann’s Chapel continue to be exacerbated with the increase in the flows of traffic and the increase in the numbers of residents.

We are urging people to support the whole scheme, otherwise we could be left with nothing. Please see the link below to show your support.

Dorothy Kirk

Cornwall Councillor for Calstock Division

EDG1995 Consultation Package[23216].pdf St Anns and Drakewalls