Thanks to our  wonderful volunteers for their help in improving our waterfront moorings. It was a wet day and very muddy underfoot but spirits remained high (and that was before The Tamar Inn opened).

5 volunteers were up to their elbows in mud replacing and improving the moorings at the Waterfront in Calstock. A secondary mooring line has been installed to keep the boats more secure and to stop the long lines being required which can be an obstacle to vessels in the River Tamar. Whilst there they weeded and tidied up the general area.

Thanks to Valentino’s Gelato and the Tamar Inn for providing refreshments; our Outside Services Team Leader, Pete; and the biggest thanks of all to Will, Peter, Steve, Will and Dean.  





Volunteers help at the moorings

Team Calstock: Will, Pete, Peter, Steve, Will, Dean

Are you interested in volunteering?

What better way of feeling you really deserved that beer, chocolate, pasty than sitting down and thinking of what you’ve done to help your community?

We have several projects up and running and are keen to expand our work with the villages across our parish.  Volunteers are key to any community and we are truly fortunate with the many volunteers we have already worked with.

We have opportunities to help with environmental initiatives and restoration at the moment but if there is anything else you are interested in we are always keep to hear new ideas.

Please let us know if you would like to find out more.

Contact either Clare on or Pete on  or phone us on 01822 748847.