Calstock Footbridge, photo courtesy of Steve Draper

Calstock Wetlands Footbridge Receives Vote of Confidence

At our Parish Council meeting last night we debated whether to take on ownership of the bridge and walkway as a community asset, and the strength of the vote in favour demonstrated clear confidence in its future benefit to the community.

It was designed and constructed to span the breach through the old flood embankment (which created the fantastic wetland) enabling the permissive footpath to remain on its existing alignment. The Tamar Community Trust will ensure ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the bridge. The Parish Council will also be setting aside £3000 a year for a contingency fund to support any longer-term costs to the superstructure that the Parish Council will be responsible for.


This has been a big effort for all parties involved from the Environment Agency, Calstock Parish Council, Calstock Footpath Society and the Tamar Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) partners. But especially to the Tamar Community Trust for their ongoing support and commitment to the bridge’s upkeep.

The Calstock Wetlands intertidal habitat project is an example of action being taken to respond to the climate crisis through climate adaptation. More information about projects taking place within the Tamar Valley AONB area can be found by visiting the website: